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About Noodle Empire

We are Noodle Empire, an Entertainment & Lifestyle brand based in Montreal, Canada. Since our founding in 2022, we’ve committed ourselves to bringing the highest level of Entertainment through our Quality and Safety. Whether it's running largescale gaming events, designing the newest fashion line, or dominating the competition in tournaments, Noodle Empire is there.


Esports Centre

Lounge Area • Console Gaming & Lan Games • Private Parties & Events

Our Brands

Noodle Empire Esports

The pioneer branch of Noodle Empire, Esports is what started it all. Competing globally in some of the biggest tournaments worldwide, our players represent the brand as they dominate the competition.

Our Esports Centre can be found in Kirkland, Montreal which hosts regular weekly tournaments titled the Noodle Empire Series (NES), Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, and Largescale Competitions.




Noodle Empire Apparel

Noodle Empire Apparel is the official clothing brand of Noodle Empire Entertainment Company. Our goal is to blend gaming and streetwear styles together to create the ultimate fashion line.

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Boards & Noodles

Boards & Noodles is the official Board Game & Tabletop Branch of Noodle Empire Entertainment, seamlessly blending the joy of board games with the vibrant world of Gaming & Esports.

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A Noodle For The World

Welcome to Noodle FTW, the charitable arm of Noodle Empire dedicated to fighting hunger and supporting organizations worldwide that provide sustenance to those in need.


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