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Rogue Energy - Affiliated

Energy Drinks - Use code "NOODLEEMPIRE" for 10% discounts

Rogue Energy is designed to be the ultimate gaming energy drink. Zero sugar, zero fillers, 5 calories, packed with essential vitamins, and loaded with brain-enhancing nootropics at optimal levels. Make the switch to a better tasting, better mixing, more effective gaming drink brand.


Redragon - Affiliated

Gaming Hardware - Use code "NOODLEEMPIRE" for discounts at checkout

Redragon is a PC Gear brand dedicated in gaming peripherals, such as mechanical keyboards, mice, headsets, and pc gaming gear accessories.

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Chairs4Gaming - Affiliated

Gaming Chairs - Use code "NOODLEEMPIRE" for 10% off

We're excited to offer a wide variety of gaming chairs to our Canadian customers. We offer over 150 models from the most popular brands. Different sizes are available for all body types. Gaming chairs are made to be used for 8h+ a day and can last years without losing their comfort. From professionals to gamers, these gaming seats are a great investment for users who sit for hours at their desk.


Fatal Grips - Affiliated

#1 Grips for Gamers - Use code "NOODLEEMPIRE" for 10% off

Fatal Grips has been around for a few years now, catering to hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide, providing them with not only exceptional products but other benefits like various product options, premium quality products, unmatched after-sales services, and more. However, there is more to our brand than just that, as we believe in 100% user satisfaction.

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Green Guy Lawncare

Lawncare Service - Located in the Montreal Area

 • (514) 654-9576



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