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About Us

We are Noodle Empire, an Entertainment & Lifestyle brand based in Montreal, Canada. Since our founding in 2022, we’ve committed ourselves to bringing the highest level of Entertainment through our Quality and Safety. Whether it's running largescale gaming events, designing the newest fashion line, or dominating the competition in tournaments, Noodle Empire is there.

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Noodle Empire Series "NES" is an Esports Organization, Birthday Party Venue, video arcade, gaming center, and public lounge based in Montreal, Canada. Founded by TheNoodleMasta They began as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Series called the Noodle Empire Series "NES" but quickly expanded into Esports. With a goal of reviving the Super Smash Bros. scene within the West Island of Montreal, by creating a safe, high quality, and entertaining tournament environment.


Noodle Empire Apparel is the official clothing brand of Noodle Empire Entertainment Company. Our goal is to blend gaming and streetwear styles together to create the ultimate fashion line.

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