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🤲 It’s Time To Give Back 🤲

Welcome to “A Noodle For The World”, the charitable arm of Noodle Empire Entertainment dedicated to fighting hunger and supporting organizations that provide sustenance to those in need. 🍜

At Noodle FTW, we recognize the critical role that organizations play in addressing food insecurity. That’s why we’re committed to supporting their efforts by directly donating, collecting donations, and channeling them towards reputable charities and initiatives that specialize in providing nourishing meals to individuals and communities facing hunger. 👥

Our journey began in 2022 when we founded Noodle Empire as a company specializing in entertainment. We kickstarted our company with a charity tournament, and ever since, giving back has been an integral part of who we are. 🎮

Our City has always supported our efforts, it’s now our turn to return that same support. 🇨🇦

Thank you for being a part of Noodle FTW and helping us make a difference, one donation at a time.

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