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Affiliate Program

Want to Join the Noodle Empire Affiliate Program? Earn 10% on each sale you make!

  1. Post a link on your website or blog

  2. Visitors click your ads or link

  3. Visitors make a purchase 

As sales increase, the potential to partner with Noodle Empire increases as well! Granting you higher levels of commission and rewards!

Affiliate Program FAQs

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Step 1: Click the sign up button above
Step 2: Create your account
Step 3: Get a confirmation email with your desired coupon code

Q: How do I check how many sales I made?

A: You can check your portal here

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Payouts will be sent out on a monthly basis, at a minimum of $10. If that number isn't reached by the payout date, the funds will carry through to the next month until the minimum has been reached.

Q: Can I sign up for more that 1 account?

A: No, the limit is only 1 account per person

Q: Do customers get a discount?

A: Yes, customers will receive a 10% discount coupon with your referral

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