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Rami Harati "Ramzy"

Co-Captain - Attacker

Hey! My name's Rami, also known as Ramzy to many different gaming communities! I have been playing and even competing in games since such a young age (As early as 12 years old in YuGioH!) Most of my experiences come from Smash bros.

I was competing in smash for wii u for over 5 years (Peaked at #7 on the MTL PR) and even onto Ultimate. I've been a big fan of pokemon since i was a kid, i play all the games casually and even play a lot of Pokken semi-competitively. I play both Zards in Unite and Pokken!

I have history with league of legends but was never a fan of the community or the amount of time it took for games.Unite felt like the perfect balance of Moba for me. Gaming is a passion!

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