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New Weekly Tournament Announcement 📣

We’re excited to present NES: Platform Wednesdays! A whole night dedicated to platform fighters!


- Brawlhalla (Bracket & Friendlies)

- Rivals of Aether (Bracket & Friendlies)

- Super Smash Bros Melee (Bracket & Friendlies)

- Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Friendlies & Coinbox Runs)

- As well as Nick All Star Brawl 2!!

While we have our dedicated smash ultimate nights, we want to give players the opportunity to try out different kinds of games!

Come hangout, enter a bracket, play some friendlies, or meet some new friends!

All starting NEXT WEDNESDAY (November 15th) at a discounted price of 5$ for the night! (Venue Fee)

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