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Vincent Legrand-Bélanger "Ashuraa"

Guilty Gear Strive Competitor & Smash Ultimate Coach

Ashuraa is an FGC competitor primarily focusing on Guilty Gear Strive. He is a Ky main from Montreal, Canada.

Ashuraa also regularly competes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rivals of Aether and previously in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. 

"I started playing competitive games when I was 15 years old. The first game I competed in was Smash 4. My first tournament was actually at a mall and I met a bunch of brawl veterans from the Montreal scene, I got 2nd.

Nowadays I play Strive, Ultimate, Rivals and I'm currently working on adding DNF Duel to the mix. Back then I have also competed in DBFZ.

I'm also working on my reputation as a smash coach, starting with Dario as well as some of my friends from the scene.

My more recent results at GOML is 197th in smash ultimate with doctor mario and and 17th in Strive. Other than that I would say that I've gotten consistently top 4 at other tournaments that I have entered so far. As of my career tho I have gotten 5th at LAN ETS (smash) and 9th at Dreamhack (DBFZ) I am an enthusiastic, outgoing person who enjoys challenging myself. I study economics at school and I read business books on my free time. I love discussing and learning about fighting games in general." - Ashuraa


Hire Him as a Coach

Contact him on Discord: Ashuraa#7241

He offers private sessions including gameplay analysis with vod reviews and mentality coaching as well!

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