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Olivier Tarczon "LeRoux"

Top Lane

LeRoux is a competitor from Quebec, Canada. He is a Kazuya main in Smash Ultimate and a Jack-of-all-trades in Pokemon Unite who excels in the top lane. Having started his competitive career 6 years ago in Smash 4, LeRoux made a name for himself by being the highest placing Bowser at GOML for 3 consecutive years, with his best placing being 49th out of 446 in 2017. Having recently come back after taking a break during the pandemic, LeRoux has not only changed mains for Kazuya in Smash Ultimate, but has also added Pokemon Unite to the list of games he takes seriously. Having attained Master Rank in every season since the game's release, LeRoux has shown to be a fearsome competitor even outside of Smash Bros.

leroux pic_edited.jpg
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